Wholesale walk in cooler glass door with good price in SHHAG-SW-01

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Professional Factory sale walk in cooler glass door manufacturers. We established a comprehensive team to serve customers.

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-Walk in cooler glass door
-SHHAG CD-01 Glass Door
-Self-closing door 90 degree hold open T8 LED lighting system                                              
-Argon filled Heated aluminum alloy door profile
-Medium /Low temperature glass door
-Self-closing door 90 degree hold open T8  LED lighting system                                                      
-Argon filled Heated aluminum alloy door profile

Entry Door

Heated glass and frame technology 2/3 pane tempered glass with 1 electric heating glass Argon filled Magnetic door gasket Aluminum alloy frame in black color Full length handle T8 LED lighting Aluminum diamond treat kick plate
*Solid Door for cold room
*Swing door With kick plate With heater and lock
*Gravity flow shelving

Why Choose Us

Commercial Cold Rooms of both customised walk-in cold rooms and freezers are available for the cold storage and frozen storage requirements for different cooling and freezing purposes.
As a cold room manufacturer of custom built cold rooms we know exactly how to design & build a commercial cold storage room to suit your needs. The design of custom built walk-in Coldroom & freezer can be adapted to any storage space of length, width & height for a cold storage warehouse, refrigerated warehouse and cold storage facility,including beer and wine, dairy and soft drinks, frozen food and ice cream and floral.
Standard frame finishes come in black, silver and gold with many other custom colours available. The glass is double paned with heated frames for cooler applications and triple-paned with heated frames and glass for freezer applications. There are several sizes available with a popular dimension.
The storage temperature is displayed and controlled by the digital thermostat with which reliable storage is provided;
modular cold room is a new product with various standard sizes. Its storage capacity may be specified or selected according to the requirements of the customer.
The precise control and adjustment of temperature enables the customers to achieve the utmost efficiency and benefits.


A. embossed aluminum plate
B. Stainless steel plate
C. Color zinc plate
D. The monitoring of the steel plate
E. Galvanized sheet


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