Shandong Huajing — Know kindness in heart and be grateful in practice

Recently read the "work with gratitude heart" article, its simple words, the point of view of the profound, thought-provoking. I can't help but feel something.


Everyone spends most of his long life at work. It can be said that work is the fulcrum of life journey, is the basic stage to realize the value of life. The work is inseparable from the unit, which is the travel stack we rely on to make a living. The unit brings us material and spiritual satisfaction. There is a saying that "cherish will have, Thanksgiving can be long". Work can not only improve the heart, hone the soul, but also help us to build a happy enterprise, help each of us can have a good life!

Therefore, we should thank the enterprise, and the gratitude into loyal to the enterprise's specific actions, with the mentality of protecting the home to protect our survival of the enterprise.

Shandong Huajing, along the way, always adhere to the "people-oriented" will "single-minded pursuit of happiness, concerted efforts to promote social development; To make safe and convenient energy-saving products for the cold chain industry and strive for life "is our mission. It not only provides a platform for us to develop ourselves and realize our self-worth, but also enricifies ourselves and increases our life experience. In addition, we also carry out various cultural activities to make employees feel the care and consideration of the company.


Therefore, in the work we should learn to be grateful, grateful to provide us with the stage of life unit, Thanksgiving training our leadership, Thanksgiving support with our colleagues, Thanksgiving all help us...... Only learn to be grateful, we can cherish the work, treat others kindly, with dedication to unremitting efforts, the pursuit of excellence, with a sense of responsibility, practical work, start from the details, start from the bit by bit, with enterprise to continue to challenge themselves, beyond the self...微信图片_20220823114914

Post time: Aug-23-2022