Shandong Huajing—-Hold the launching and signing ceremony of the new third board listing


On the morning of August 30, 2022, the launch and signing ceremony of our company’s new third board listing was held in the conference room of the company’s headquarters. Member of the Standing Committee of Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor Ren Guangguang, Deputy Mayor of Qingzhou City Gao Jinghua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaozhuang Town Li Jingguo, Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Center of Qingzhou Local Financial Supervision Bureau Jia Xiao, Senior Vice President of Growth Enterprise Financing Department of Zhongtai Securities Investment Banking Committee Liu Yanshun, General Manager of Qingzhou Haidai Middle Road Securities Business Department of Zhongtai Securities Co., Ltd. Mu Gengfeng, Director and Founding Partner of Beijing Haotian (Jinan) Law Firm Zhou Kejia, Lixin Zhonglian Accounting Firm Shandong Branch Director He Weifeng, Zhonglian Liu Ruiting, senior partner of Asset Evaluation Group Shandong Co., Ltd., and Li Xintian, chairman of Shandong Huajing Glass Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony.


Mayor Ren and his party visited the exhibition hall and production workshop of Huajing Glass, listened to the introduction of main products and production and operation status of the company’s chairman Li Xintian, and had in-depth communication and discussion on the next development direction of the company.


Town Party secretary Li Jingguo presided over the signing ceremony.



At the signing ceremony, Chairman Li Xintian introduced the basic situation of the company.  Founded in 2012, the company has won the honorary titles of national high-tech enterprise, national special and fine new “little giant” enterprise, Shandong Province Gazelle enterprise, Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Province special and fine new enterprise, Shandong Province Industrial Design Center, Shandong Province One enterprise one Technology Research and Development Center, Weifang Invisible Champion and so on.  Under the leadership and support of Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government, we signed a cooperation agreement with Zhongtai Securities to officially start the listing of the New Third Board!


In start-up and signing ceremony, qingzhou haidai road securities sales department, general manager of China and Thailand securities MouGengFeng, detailed report of the early stage of the project team shandong altek glass co., LTD., due diligence investigation of relevant information, in terms of research situation, affirms the shandong altek glass co., LTD have and can meet the requirements of the next stage work,  The company’s development and status quo to give full affirmation.



Municipal committee, vice mayor of optics in his speech stressed that this year, qingzhou “financial xing city” is put forward, the enterprises listed as to promote the development of old and new kinetic energy conversion, achieving high quality strategy and main fulcrum, stresses the high quality service, full build public support system, initially formed “the enterprise for listing, the listing of government help, society to promote” the consensus.  We seize the opportunity of capital market reform, implement the listing echelon cultivation project, actively promote the cooperation of many enterprises and securities companies to sign contracts, Qingzhou enterprises into the multi-level capital market is accelerating the pace.  It is hoped that enterprises will make full use of this opportunity, further strengthen scientific and standardized management, strive to enter the New Third Board market as soon as possible, and strive to open the main board and GEM market to establish a comprehensive development pattern.


Later, at the signing ceremony, Shandong Huajing formally signed the cooperation agreement with Zhongtai Securities, Beijing Haotian (Jinan) Law Firm, Lixin Zhonglian Accounting Firm, and Zhonglian Asset Appraisal Group Shandong Co., LTD.  After the ceremony, the participants took a group photo.



The signing of this cooperation agreement means the official launch of Shandong Huajing’s New Third Board listing journey, which is an important turning point in the history of the development of Huajing and has a milestone significance. It has a strong role in promoting the development of Huajing and will force us to change the way of thinking, improve the profit model and improve the management level.  We are forced to operate more and more standardized, maintain high-quality development.


Successful signing is not the end, but a new starting point, we have a more clear goal and more significant responsibility, in the future, the company will concentrate on the whole, hard work, jointly promote the company on the listing of the “acceleration”, on the capital market as soon as possible, to make due contributions to the society!






Post time: Sep-15-2022