A Happy Trip With Our Colleague— From SHHAG

The sun between the trees cast a mottled shadow, like a section of a poem, touching the heart of a little gentle, in the sunshine, enjoy the stretch.


Shandong Huajing has been pursuing the material happiness of all staff while striving to pursue the spiritual happiness of family members. In addition to doing their own work and learning philosophy, they also find time to organize group building activities to enrich their cultural life.
Triangle Village is located on the bank of Yangjiren River in Qingzhou. Surrounded by mountains, the village is stuck in the valley in a triangular shape, so this place is called Triangle Village. Maybe this is not a very remarkable place, and relatively remote, but as long as you take a pair of eyes to find beauty, you will find beauty, naturally can feel the beauty. Having a grateful heart makes us happy about the past, the future and the present. When we can understand that “alive” is a great happiness, we can also realize that it is a very simple thing to be happy (happiness is around).


No one wants to be ignored in a group

And things are no different

Everything has a purpose everywhere

But a lot of times for a variety of reasons

They are sadly ignored

I hope we can

Stop hurrying

Enjoy the beautiful scenery around you


At the moment of the epidemic, it is a great happiness for our Family to be safe, have orders and work. We must cherish what we have now. You are the grass, the company is the earth, you are a bird, the company is your day, you are a small fish, the company is your sea.
Since the outbreak, numerous small and medium-sized enterprises have collapsed, and even large enterprises are also experiencing layoffs. Our enterprise has been working normally, pay wages on time, has been to let everyone safe work and life, this is worth us to cherish, cherish only love, cherish only drive, cherish only have enthusiasm, cherish because of the unit to have all this, cherish this hard-won work. I hope we can respect our position and be grateful for our lazy hua-jing family.



After playing back, to dinner time, find a restaurant, we sit together, talk about work and life interesting things, talk about the future ideal, everyone cheers!

The team building activity not only narrowed the distance between our colleagues, but also condensed our hearts, which made us forget the pressure of work and relaxed our body and mind.

Thanks to the company not only give us the opportunity to work and learning platform, but also enrich our cultural spare time life, let us continue to improve, let our life more wonderful! More to be grateful for our great motherland!

Come on China, come on Huajing, come on to realize the great “Chinese Dream”!

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Post time: Jun-28-2022